ant-control-GeorgetownAnt Control Georgetown. Ants live in nests. If you notice an ant infestation in your residential or commercial setting, you first need to locate the nest. The nest is ruled by the queen and only the destruction of the nest will disintegrate the rest of the ant colony.

Ants infest your property in multitudes. They tend to swarm your kitchen counter or food cabinets in search of food. They are quite a bother when you have guests visiting and there are ants all over the place. They do not portray a very positive image.

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Ant Colonies

The queen that rules over the entire colony of ants spawns hundreds of eggs in a day. These eggs hatch and the thousands of ants infesting your property further multiply. Most homes are vulnerable to ant infestations as there are food and water in plentiful. Ants eat the same food that humans eat and hence they are often seen in your kitchen or cafeteria. Ants walk in trails, so you will usually find a trail of ants leading to your kitchen cabinet, where you store food or gathering around crumbs of food on your floor. Ants collect this food and take it back to their colonies.

Many affordable DIY extermination treatments are available in the market, but most of these extermination treatments are short-lived. You may be temporarily relieved from the infestation, but within no time, they’ll be back again. It is best to call upon professional exterminators to help you get rid of these ants.

There are various types of ants, so depending on the type of ants and the location of their nests, the exterminator will suggest the most efficient treatment.

Even though ants are not known to cause any serious illnesses, their bites can be quite terrible. If the ants perceive any threat to their colony, they will attack in hordes and their bites can leave a nasty rash on your skin. This rash could even develop into a serious skin infection.

Exterminating Ant Colonies

We at Ant Control Georgetown provide you with the best pest control services 7 days a week. Our licensed staff is trained to locate the most discreet of ant colonies and eradicate these pests from your property. We even provide you with control measures to ensure that you never have ants infesting your property again. Our treatment rates are very reasonable and our service quality is the best there is.

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