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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers cockroach free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure cockroaches are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for Georgetown pest control services.

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Mouse control Georgetown solutions by licensed AND INSURED exterminators.

Eradicating and bringing the population down to zero is a delicate process where planning and strategizing is essential in bringing the infestation to a complete halt. Technicians assess the situation first in order to take appropriate counter-measures to combat the infestation as effectively as possible while at the same time staying affordable and cost-effective. Our eradication process is broadly divided into three stages that all build on each other to ultimately rid the property of mice completely.

Underneath you can read the specifics of what each stage involves to get a better understanding. If you have any questions about the procedure or need a free quote to feel free to contact us at 647-931-1428.

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Challenges Due to Rodent Infestations

Mice have very soft bones and flexible bodies. They can easily squeeze through small gaps in your doors or walls. They usually gain access to homes through balconies or basements. Mice require an abundance of food and water to survive. As long as these criteria are met, they will stay for as long as they please. The fastest and most obvious way for the start of a mouse infestation is through breeding and multiplying. Female mice can deliver multiple litters in a single year, with each litter accounting for anything between six to eight babies. The velocity at which they multiply makes it very convenient for them to start and maintain an ever-growing infestation. So it’s best not to wait too long and contact professional exterminators to help you with your rodent problems.

Due to their swiftness and small size, it gets almost impossible to catch mice. However, we at Mice Control Georgetown know otherwise. Our expert staff is equipped with the most powerful and efficient rodenticides that guarantee eradication of mice quickly and swiftly. We set up baits at all the entrance and exit points used by mice to gain access to your property. We also seal all these access points in order to avoid future infestations.

Once the extermination process is completed, we offer you control treatments to keep mice at bay.


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To get to the root of the problem, the technicians at Pest Control Georgetown do not just lay traps and bait-stations but go beyond that. The first step in combatting the mouse infestation involves that we comb the area thoroughly for entry-points. These entry-points can consist of holes, crevices, cracks, structural gaps, and vents. After we find all the areas that are prone to breach we then report our findings to the property owners with photographic evidence for sealing up later.


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After the inspection, we will discuss our next step in the extermination process. Depending on the situation and need of the treatment, we will strategically place tamper-proof bait traps and rodenticide in and around the property to yield maximum results. These tamper-proof bait stations cannot be meddled with by kids and pets. A special key is needed that only the technician can open.


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Once mouse activity has decreased and stopped, our technicians will come back for a second visit. We confirm that mice are no longer present. Once mice are taken care of, we then move on to the exclusion phase in our process. We seal up entry-points based on our earlier findings with strong galvanized steel mesh so that a future infestation is out of the question.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.


Mice Information

If you see a mouse, it is most likely that you are dealing with one of the most common mice species found in Canadian homes. Namely, the House mouse, or the Deer mouse which is classified as a field mouse. They measure about 7.5-10 cm in length and weigh about 40-45g. They can come in a variety of colors from gray to light- brown to black. House mice are active all-year-round, meaning that house mice can invade your property at any given moment regardless of the season or time of the year. They can give birth to an average of 3-16 young and can deliver 5-10 litters a year. These mice can be already sexually active after a few weeks so their reproduction rate is very high.

Deer mice are often smaller in size and measure about 8-10cm in length. Their fur has a distinguishable white underbelly. Their fur can vary in color from white to black. Typically they deliver 1 litter a year consisting of 4-6 babies, but 3 litters would not be considered uncommon. Deer mice are active all-year-round and breed from March to October. In the case of the Deer mice, however, breeding seems to be related to the availability of food rather than the season.

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Damage to Property

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Dealing with a mice infestation can cost homeowners up to thousands and beyond in restoration and repair costs along. This is because mice are quite fond of nibbling. They nibble and chew through almost everything they come across. These small rodents can chew on wiring, cabling, paper, and cardboard. Little by little these add up to consequences in the long run. This is because mice can create fire hazards. Mice are often the culprit when no probable cause is found when mysterious house fires happen. Chewed wiring can cause a fuse and might eventually lead to a fire. 


Health Hazards

Mice can be perceived as harmless when you first take a look at them, but despite their size, they can cause some serious damage to one’s health. Not to forget the fact, when feces are found in combination with urine, it can create a toxic cocktail that can transmit the Hantavirus just through exposure alone. If you see droppings the size of the grains of rice, you can be sure that you are dealing with a mice infestation. Mice can negatively affect your health and can carry as much as 35 different diseases. Coming into contact with either feces, urine, or even their salvia puts you at risk of contracting these diseases. One must not forget that these vermin were responsible for spreading The Plague throughout most of Europe killing millions in the process.

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Why Hire a Professional Mice Extermination Company

In a world where markets are literally flooded with a dizzying amount of various traps, contraptions, and repellants, it can be hard to weed out the good from the bad. Clever marketing, attractive package design, and beautiful writing can be all attributed to successful sales. this is nothing but a marketing ploy trying to reel in people in making them loyal customers for years to come. Before you know it you will find yourself back at the store multiple times a month without having made any kind of real progress. This is actually by design. You see, store-bought products are less potent compared to the industry-grade products and this is due to the strict regulations that the province has placed on them to access them. The real formulations that are truly effective are reserved for the very few that have been assessed and accredited by the Ministry of Environment. These license-holders are professionals that have multiple years of experience in dealing with a wide range of pests that roam the Georgetown area and beyond. It is these technicians that you should trust because they have made exterminating and proofing their passion and livelihood.