How Does a Cockroach Infestation Occur

How Does a Cockroach Infestation Occur?

Nothing can be more annoying than the smell of cockroaches, the sight of the bugs running to hide after switching on the light, or the little creatures popping up while serving your guests during a meal. In fact, the sheer thought of roaches hiding behind or inside the couch, cabinets, furniture and other places is always scary. Unfortunately, these little bugs are among the most nuisances and have been around for millions of years. They seem to be growing in numbers despite trying different ways of eliminating cockroach infestation. We always advise contacting professional pest control Georgetown services before the problem becomes too serious. 

Contrary to what many people believe, cockroaches don’t only thrive in dirty or unkempt areas. They will still inhabit a space that is quite clean and neat. These bugs only need four things to survive; food, water, warmth, and darkness. These are things that are found in any home. But, unlike other bugs or insects, cockroaches eat very little and reproduce quite fast. An egg sac can produce as many as 60 nymphs at a go even in the driest environment.

There are a number of ways cockroaches find their way into the home or even office. One, the insect may attach itself on a bag, grocery sack, or clothing. Two, leaving food particles scattered all over the floor or not getting rid of garbage on time will attract the nuisances. Three, people create the perfect environment for roaches unawares- they may fail to replace a broken bulb or draw the curtains to allow in light. Also, a damp or moist environment attracts roaches.

Eradicating cockroaches is normally more challenging than other nuisances. Firstly, they are nocturnal creatures that are most active at night. In fact, many people live with roaches without realizing it. Secondly, roaches can live comfortably in harsh environments such as in areas with limited food, air supply, water, and light. Research shows that cockroaches can survive in a nuclear attack. Thirdly, these bugs have perfected the art of hiding and it only takes a keen eye and sense of smell to detect the creatures.

The secret to eradicating cockroaches is to seek pest extermination services the earliest possible. You should be calling pest control as soon as you smell the offending cockroach odour, or see a roach or two. Buying time will only make the situation worse as these creatures reproduce quickly. A good service will trace the breeding ground, get rid of all the bugs, nymphs as well as eggs, and also provide preventive services. These include ensuring the area is well lit, dry, aerated and free of food particles.