How to Get Rid of Mice in the Winter

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Winter

Nature has endowed us with a number of pests and one of these is the mouse. Mice eat garbage and other foods left behind by human beings and animals. In short, they clear the leftover which might sound beneficial. However, these pests reproduce at a very fast rate and end up being a nuisance in the homes. In fact, according to research, mice can carry over 35 diseases which can be spread directly to human beings. This includes fleas which they spread to other pets in your homes. In winter, mice infestation can be critical given the fact that they are looking for a warm place where they can feed, breed and hide. Therefore, you may end up having an exodus of mice moving into your home during winter. This might sound scary but do not worry, there are a number of techniques you can use to get rid of mice from your home during this period, however it is advised to call professional pest control in Georgetown when dealing with mice. 


Bait traps are the common means of getting rid of mice. These traps are often set along the walls since the mouse’s eyesight is limited hence it always runs along the walls while using their whiskers as their guide. Some of these traps include a snap trap which can be set using peanut as the bait. You can also use glue instead of a snap trap. Unfortunately, traps can also end up trapping birds, snakes and other small pets in your home.


You can place the poison rat trap around the place where you suspect mouse activity. Poisons are often effective even though, they can be dangerous to other pets and small children. Similarly, the mice will crawl to another place to die and you will only discover there is a dead mouse the moment your house begins to be filled with stench. Other poisons are sprayed behind appliances and in the warm areas of your basement. The mouse will die when it starts cleaning itself with its tongue which had walked over the poison.

Electronic devices

Ultrasonic devices are used to chase mouse, rats and other insects from the areas they are not needed. These devices produce audible sonic sounds that the pests cannot stand. There are two types of these electronic devices. These are those which produce a consistent audible sonic sound which happens to be piercing and the other which is barely audible to human levels but serve the same purpose. Unfortunately, these sound is not wall receptive hence you will have to have a number of them in different rooms.

Natural means

Spray a substantial amount of peppermint oil solution in areas where you suspect the mouse is hiding. This is going to drive it away. Unfortunately, this is only effective in a small area hence you will have to have a large amount of the peppermint oil for it to be effective.