How to Get Rid of Mice Using Household Products

How to Get Rid of Mice Using Household Products

There are those who have mice as pets in their homesteads. Generally, mice are a nuisance when they infest your house without your knowledge. A mouse can easily enter a house so long as there is just an opening and they can get their head through. They easily wriggle the rest of the body through the opening and eventually they find their way in your house. These rodents chew everything they come across, for instance books, clothes, photos, food etc. They also leave their droppings wherever they settle. This is very disturbing to anyone and therefore people have come up with ways to get rid of the mice inexpensively. Here includes a list of how to get rid of mice using household products or you can contact our professional mice extermination service in Georgetown

1. Take plaster of paris with any food that easily attracts the mice such as flour, chocolate powder or cornmeal. Put the mixture in an open container and then place it in a position you suspect mice are present. Place a second container of water adjacent to the open container of the mixture. When the mice will eat the mixture, it will get poisoned and seek water. The water will react with the plaster of paris and produce heat which will burn the stomachs of the mice. When you set the powder, try putting it an easy to access place. Limit the routes mice can run to die, since you wouldn’t want their carcasses to rot in your floors, walls or ceilings.

2. You can also use scented items to repel the mouse. Take cotton wools and soak them in peppermint oil or ammonia. Stick them in areas you see droppings or any other evidence of mice activity. Mothballs can also repel the mouse.

3. Place insulating caulk or steel wool to entry points of the mice to seal them off. When they try to chew or eat the caulk, they will be irritated and it will have an impact. Due to the hardness of steel wool, they will leave it alone as it will cut their mouths if they try to chew. Expanding foam can also be used in place of caulk for insulating and filling the far places one cannot easily access. However, expanding foam should be the last resort as it hardens very fast and therefore it can be hard to clear it up.

If you find it not safe to use the toxic chemicals in the shop, there are still some household products that can serve the purpose. Using household products can be relatively cheap compared to the other approaches. If the mice persist, do not hesitate to consult a specialist who can help you get rid of the mice.