How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Electronics

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Electronics

Have cockroaches taken control of your electronics? Well, they will shamelessly do this regardless of whether you own new or old electronics. They damage the internal components of TVs, PCs, gaming consoles and so on. This damage occurs as a result of cockroaches feeding on the internal wiring components of your electronic items. What’s more, the dilemma becomes worse when your new electronics are still covered with warranty and you don’t want to open them up since this will void the warranty. Seeing just a few cockroaches in your home occasionally can indicate a full-blown infestation and you need to call Professional Pest Control Georgetown service. 

So, what’s exactly the best way to permanently get cockroaches out of your electronics without having to open them up? That’s the big question, and thankfully, there are a few ways you can manage to kill or drive them out of your electronics forever.

The following is a list of things you will find useful in this project:

(a) Cleaning supplies
(b) Insect trap — adhesive kind
(c) Diatomaceous earth
(d) Catnip

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Electronics

Invest in a cockroach bait gel like Max-force FC Magnum. It shouldn’t cost a lot to buy it at your local store. Put it on a piece of tin foil and place it on or under your electronic items.

The gel produces a certain smell that cockroaches love, so they will be attracted to it, thus eating it so they can be wiped out in numbers. Keep in mind that this gel will kill them inside the electronic device. You don’t have much control over this, but at least you shall have killed them.

You could also surround your electronic device with insect glue-boards to trap them as they leave their ”home” to feed. This works well especially if you know of an opening where they are likely to use as an entry/exit way. But unfortunately, there are no sprays that can be sprayed inside the electronic items to kill them, and this is due to the risk of causing substantial damage inside the unit.

Other effective methods you can use

Diatomaceous earth is considered a natural cockroach killer, so sprinkle it behind your electronic appliances. The good thing is that this substance isn’t poisonous to human beings, so you’re free to use it without fear. It’s good to note that the particles of this cockroach killer (on the microscopic level), consist of razor-shape edges which cut through the exoskeleton of the insect, rendering it dead.

Of course you will also need to strategically place adhesive traps around your electronic appliances. The traps should border your electronic appliances and the wall. This will be effective since cockroaches love traveling on the wall.

Finally, you ought to take good care of your hygiene. Eliminate dirt, leftover foods, and things that cockroaches love. If you can prevent their inception into your home, you will prevent them from reaching your electronics as well.